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An absolute
joy to watch!

Fiercely Creative 

"Fearlessly Brilliant" 
"If Jim Carrey and Robin Williams had a baby"
"Dedicated, animated & enthusiastic"
"Unquestionably Hilarious!"
"Gifted & Original"

Alison Mullings

Canadian Actor, Voice Actor, Comedian & Producer

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Mull It Over Comedy

I am producing three shows a month at The Real Jerk Beaches & Gerrard locations, two Newbie Nights; new faces of comedy with a professional headliner and a Pro Show with the best Comedians Canada has to offer. If your business is interested in a comedy show please contact me at my email at

Artists Supporting Artists

One of the great pleasures of my profession is that I get to share human experiences with you and be vulnerable. My personal journey has been filled with tips, tricks and knowledge from top industry professionals. This website is where I'll share my personal updates, what's going on now in our industry, promote local talent to watch and support and post helpful articles, videos and links for my fellow artists. #artistssupportingartists

About me: 

Classic small town girl with big city dreams.  I love writing skits, and jokes that you can find on my Instagram @alisonmullings. I have a new found love for stand up comedy, and I am a very proud karaoke whore, just give me a mic! My daily affirmation is the ABCD's of my life. I am Awesome, Beautiful, Comedic and Driven and that's what makes me successful! 

Thank you for checking out my website, I hope you enjoy all the videos and photos I share on here and find the resources page helpful if you're a fellow creator! 


Coming Soon

My favourite place is in front of the camera. Be sure to check out my YouTube channel and follow me on Instagram @alisonmullings for the latest videos. You can find that information at the top right corner of this page or under the Resources Tab. 

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So incredibly blessed to be performing h

"Acting is standing up naked and turning around very slowly" 

Rosalind Russel