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Filming A Short Film In Isolation

Today I filmed my short film. When I write a scene or film, I usually see in my head how I want it to look and then write down the script or shot list. This short is a silent film so I wrote out a shot list of exactly how I imagined my film. I filmed everything I wanted MULTIPLE times, maybe too many takes for what should of been a simple shot.

I was originally hesitant to do the short film because it's so personal and I know for a fact some of my close family and friends are going to think I'm clinically depressed, it's a sad truth, yes. But it's a dramatic interpretation of the low moments. Everyone has low moments and just because I'm putting mine on screen doesn't mean I have them all the time. That's the disclaimer I plan releasing with the film. Now I'm hesitant to edit it, with the fear of it not turning out how I envisioned it. The key to a finished project is pushing past the fear and it may not turn out how I imagined it, but it could turn out better.

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