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C'est La Vie

I realize I haven't written a blog in a while. So here's an update on everything I've been working on:

I had to re-shoot my short film because when I played it back on my laptop it seemed fine but when I played it on my phone it was so dark you could barely see anything, so I re-shot it, lightened up the room and you can find the short film on my YouTube channel or under the resources tab.

Yesterday I filmed a monologue for a weekly competition put on by Molly Jane Knight (you can find it on her Instagram). I really like the competition that she's put on, every Monday you vote on a theme, then you have till Friday to submit an original piece that goes with that theme. So no monologues from movies or TV shows, you have to find someone to write the monologue or write it yourself, which actually pushes me to try out some writing which I like. So this weeks "theme" was more like a challenge. In our monologue the line "we will always have Paris" had to be included. I wrote and filmed my monologue and submitted it yesterday. Today I had another online acting class with Shelley Mitchell (check her out under resources she's adding more classes) and there's a monologue I've been working on with her over the past week or so that I thought I would film for the online monologue slam competition. I literally just finished posting it to YouTube so please feel free to check it out on my channel. . It's an online date called Favourite Episode written by Joseph Doughert. I got it from the 24 hour plays (check out their Instagram page or their website they have some great stuff!)

The last thing I am working on as an actor is an audition for a non-union film, for a role of a nurse. The audition tape is just three lines but my brain doesn't know what to do, I'm worried I'll do too much because it's a small role, "just say the lines" and then I'm also worried of not doing enough "where is she coming from?" "whats her backstory?" Constantly guessing what the casting director, producer, director want, its an exhausting game. C'est la vie.

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