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First Cut

Last night I stayed up until almost six in the morning editing the first cut of my first ever short film (Again the short film competition link is under the Resources tab if you would like to enter). Amazingly I edited this almost a week before the deadline! For those of you who know me you know that I am a master procrastinator and typically would of edited this the night/morning before. I'm extremely happy I didn't do that this time because after watching it again today and getting feedback from a close friend I trust I want to re shoot two shots I'm not completely happy with and add some effects on top of an existing scene. If you would like to view the exclusive first draft to my short film it's currently unlisted on my YouTube channel. The Link to the first cut will be at the bottom of this post for a limited time only.

Speaking of procrastination I successfully missed the Monologue Slam online competition round two. I left it until the last night and then felt that I didn't work hard enough on my monologue and didn't feel comfortable filming and posting it. On the plus side I already have my monologue picked for round three of the online competition (link is under Resources tab)

On a side note I've had a temporary roommate for the past few weeks and I'm struggling to be openly creative around them. They're not an actor and every time I'm practicing or filming something acting related all I can think of is "they must think this is really stupid" "they probably think I'm not even good". I have to pause and take a second and realize a) they probably don't even care, they're busy doing their own thing, living their own life and it's not about me. And b) so what? This is part of the work. This is a minuscule example of what you have to block out on set. My first time on set I nearly pulled into the parking lot and then pulled right out. Before even getting out of the car all I could think of was "I have to cry on set, the crew have seen experienced actors, they're going to know I'm a newbie, I don't belong here". I took a minute in the car and gave myself a little pep talk. "I literally auditioned and got hired to do this job. I was asked to be here, I do belong here and I'm not going to allow anyone to make me feel like I don't. I'm going to walk in there, find out where I'm supposed to be and do my job because I was invited to do it." Of course the crew was ridiculously nice and all the fears were in my head. But through this roommate experience I've realized that we practice memorizing lines and getting into character but we don't practice necessarily blocking everyone else out. That's a skill that every single actor should have. I think it's important to perform, as much as you can in front of people both in our industry and not in our industry. I'm more comfortable with throwing out a video into the abyss of the internet than performing in front of people in an intimate setting therefore something I need to work on.

I didn't think this blog post would take such a turn but thanks for reading, I hope you found something useful. Be sure to check out the first cut of my short film before I take it down.

Link to my short film:

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