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Wow! Rita!!

I haven't done a blog entry in 2 years! Sheesh!

Well here's what's happening NOW!!

COVID... I'm just kidding, I'll only talk about the good stuff.

I recently had a short film that I starred in win a competition. It's a 3 minute film, for the YODO contest, (you only die once) based in Kitchener/Waterloo area.

This win means that the producers are now entering more competitions and applying to grants so that we can film a longer version of the film this summer. Very exciting!!

In fact it's in a competition right now, you can vote everyday til May 27th just click this link:


I am starring in a 2 person play that opens in TWO WEEKS!!! "Educating Rita", I am playing the role of Rita and I am beyond thrilled!! This is already one of the most important projects to me and my career.

I really wanted the opportunity to play Rita because I wanted to be a lead in a play. In the past I've been main characters but not the lead. So typically I haven't been on stage the entire time, and you have other cast members you can rely on if God forbid you drop a line/something unexpected happens... you know theatre stuff.

With Educating Rita, I wanted the responsibility of carrying a play, the opportunity to fully immerse myself into my character, the character arc and all of the other responsibilities that come with playing the lead (even the ones I discovered along the way). The exciting thing about this play is that it's only a cast of two people; myself and my costar Greg Nowlan who plays the role of Frank. We have to be able to fully trust each other on stage and if something were to go awry its up to the two of us to keep the story going. I have to admit, my brain instantly thinks of all the possible scenarios of things that could go wrong, and how I could fix them, in character. What if a set piece breaks? Someone from the audience says something while we're acting? The power goes out? Literally anything and everything.

Tomorrow we move into the theatre. I'm so excited, moving into the theatre is like moving into your new house. Even though its the same furniture everything feels new, you're so happy you've made to this point and you can't believe that all of this is yours!

This play is definitely stretching me as an actor and I love it in every way.

I am constantly finding comfort in this quote as I'm going through the rehearsal process:

"Movies will make you famous; Television will make you rich; But theatre will make you good.”

Terrence Mann

Tickets are selling fast and the good seats are going even quicker! To get your tickets click this link:

Thanks for reading!! And I hope to see you in the audience!!

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